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Mother's Day


A couple years ago I got the chance to participate in our churches social media campaign for Mother's Day, I was asked to provide a quote about something my mom taught me. They were taking pictures of some of us and asking us to hold a photo of our mom. As I held one of my favorite pictures, I closed my eyes and simply smiled. "My mom taught me how to be polite and most importantly how to write thank you notes."
All my life, because of my mom, I have known the value of the "thank you" note. I would make certain to write them even if at times it felt like I was thanking someone for thanking me for thanking them!! Every good manner I have was instilled in me by my mom.
In our social media driven world today with instant messages that can cover miles and countries in a moment, most people just send a text, write a post or make a call. My mom does all of that now but she still always sends the infamous thank you note.

Mom, you taught me more things than I could never write down in one short article. My prayer is that those things can be seen in me each and every day by all of those that are connected to my life in some special way. Mom, I am so grateful for the love and support that you have given to me and I pray that you feel appreciated in every way today.
Happy Mother's Day! Oh, and thank you for bringing me into the world!
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