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You Are Fabulous!

Just. Be. You. You are fabulous!  


  It is virtually impossible to stumble while walking in the Light with Jesus.


  I love what this quote says because life can often feel as if it's pulling you backwards. But all that means is that you are being set up to be launched into something new...something better...something that the Lord had prepared for you all along. I wonder how many times we have given up right before launch day?  Stay focused. Be determined. Hang in there. And keep aiming. You are about to be launched !

Keep in Step

  I am ordinarily an anxious person. I want things to move fast and happen quickly. This little excerpt from "Jesus Calling" reminded me how important it is to keep in step with the pace of the Lord. Relax and trust God's timing and you can live in the moment. 

A Spiritual Trifecta

  This scripture has been rolling around in my head and my heart for the last several days. What jumped off the page were the words: faithful work, loving deeds, and enduring hope. I saw two sets of words: faithful, loving and enduring and work, deeds and hope. Whenever we step out into a new venture for the Lord it is going to take faith-full work. That work is expressed in our loving deeds. And when things get tough we hold on to why we started in the first place; our hope in what the Lord said to us. As that hope endures, the loving deeds continue which is all part of the faithful work God has called us to. What I have seen happen too often are people that start out working in faith and doing things out of love, but forget the hope when challenges comes and it's not the way they thought things would turn out. Or they have high hopes and do wonderful loving deeds but no faith that works to move them in the direction that the Lord is calling them too. We need a healthy dose of all


  God wants you strong. This is no afternoon athletic contest that we'll walk away from and forget about in a couple of hours. This is for keeps. This is life-or-death. And you were made for this moment!  God has planted in you the power necessary to defeat the enemies that come against you. So pick yourself up, lift up your head and get ready to see the favor and blessing of the Lord. Praying for you!🙏🏻

The Best Things

  Don't get discouraged when the challenges are tough. Life is going to have some bad things that come with it. But sometimes those bad things put us directly on the path to the very best things that will ever happen to us. Hang in there!


  DELIGHT is the perfect word to ignite our hearts to find joy in the moment and smile about it. I've often found that I am going to use the same amount of energy being negative as I would being why not look for the silver lining? Right before you arrive at this word in scripture we are reminded to TRUST in the Lord and COMMIT our ways to Him. That leads us to being able to DELIGHT in the Lord and REST; knowing that everything will turn out ok. It may not always be what we thought or happen the way we anticipated but it will work out in the best possible way for us. DELIGHT!

Patient People

  Life doesn't always turn out as we expected and many people get discouraged and depressed by the unpredicted results. That is why walking with the Lord is so important. God loves you more than you love yourself. He has always had a plan for you and He has an incredible way of taking bad things and turning them into good ones. I am also certain that His timing is perfect. If you've been waiting on something or someone, today let me encourage you to let patience do the work. Trust that God is working out His plan for you so that when you're something or someone arrives it will be the best it can be. The waiting is the hardest part for sure but sometimes...well most of the time, a patient person receives the best (love) story.

One Word

  Listening to the Lord and looking for His direction is such an incredible journey. You never know what He may want to do with you today! What are you hearing? What do you see? One Word from God can change everything. ❤️🙏🏻😊

Kitchen Encouragement

  Once as I was discussing something about Christ being an obstacle and stain remover and it hit me...all of the products around me in my kitchen and my laundry room were sending little encouragements to me each and every day! My house is preaching to me! Funny what you see when you are looking for it! It sounds like this: The bottle of SHOUT announced the DAWN of a brand new ERA ...a new day.... FANTASTIK ! The SUNLIGHT began to shine. I made a PLEDGE to the Lord to walk with Him and a CASCADE of His love and peace consumes me. The TIDE starts to change. My shame and guilt stains are coming out! JOY floods my soul and I lift up my eyes and thank Him in the midst of everything. I have so much to GAIN and no matter what happens I have within me the power to DIAL up a smile and be of good CHEER ! Nothing is going to take me DOWNY , for with God ALL things are possible. How we FINISH the race is so important! So my friends, strengthen your feeble knees and build up your ARM s an

A Good Heart

  There is nothing as powerful as the human heart. Life does not exist without it. The Bible says that out of its abundance the mouth will speak. So whatever is in the heart determines the way our lives will go. Every day we have an opportunity to compel people to give their hearts to Jesus and to make Him their Lord and Savior. It's the single most important decision any one of us can make. And when Jesus lives in our and through our heart, no beauty shines brighter.