A Spiritual Trifecta


This scripture has been rolling around in my head and my heart for the last several days. What jumped off the page were the words:
faithful work, loving deeds, and enduring hope.
I saw two sets of words: faithful, loving and enduring and
work, deeds and hope.
Whenever we step out into a new venture for the Lord it is going to take faith-full work. That work is expressed in our loving deeds. And when things get tough we hold on to why we started in the first place; our hope in what the Lord said to us. As that hope endures, the loving deeds continue which is all part of the faithful work God has called us to. What I have seen happen too often are people that start out working in faith and doing things out of love, but forget the hope when challenges comes and it's not the way they thought things would turn out. Or they have high hopes and do wonderful loving deeds but no faith that works to move them in the direction that the Lord is calling them too. We need a healthy dose of all three. What I call a spiritual trifecta! 
Think about this scripture today and let me know what YOU think. 


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