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Kitchen Encouragement


Once as I was discussing something about Christ being an obstacle and stain remover and it hit me...all of the products around me in my kitchen and my laundry room were sending little encouragements to me each and every day! My house is preaching to me! Funny what you see when you are looking for it! It sounds like this:
The bottle of SHOUT announced the DAWN of a brand new ERA...a new day....FANTASTIK! The SUNLIGHT began to shine. I made a PLEDGE to the Lord to walk with Him and a CASCADE of His love and peace consumes me. The TIDE starts to change. My shame and guilt stains are coming out! JOY floods my soul and I lift up my eyes and thank Him in the midst of everything. I have so much to GAIN and no matter what happens I have within me the power to DIAL up a smile and be of good CHEER! Nothing is going to take me DOWNY, for with God ALL things are possible. How we FINISH the race is so important! So my friends, strengthen your feeble knees and build up your ARMs and HAMMER that enemy! A simple prayer and ...EASY-OFF, the devil loses his grip on you! Join with me and RESOLVE to have a new ZEST for life in Christ.  Just call me Mr. Clean!
How is that for some kitchen encouragement!