July 4th, 2021


photo credit: Jordan Jones 

Thanking the Lord today for the freedom that we still enjoy. It's getting more and more important to fight for the things that matter. I have to admit that I am sometimes a bit saddened by some of the things people fight for: like removing our flag, changing our motto ‘in God we trust’ and a variety of other things. Most of those things seem to deal with control and our desire to control everything. Here’s a bit of news that may set you free today: you don’t own anything!  God owns it all and our reason to live on this planet is to steward his things and his people well. When we realize that we really have no control, we will experience such incredible freedom. And we should always remember that "where the Spirit of the Lord is...there is freedom". Let's keep that Spirit in these United States of America. God bless this great nation! Have a great July 4th! Celebrate freedom and be safe!


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