Morning time is my favorite. When he world is still silent, my mind is freshly awakening and I'm completely rested from my sleep. That is usually when I spend time praying and journaling. Like the psalmist said, morning thoughts are enveloped in His unfailing love. I thank the Lord for His divine health flowing through my body and His divine breath filling my lungs. I list some things I am grateful for. And then I pray for family, friends and my day. And sometimes after these moments I take a walk and continue to pray about anything and anyone that comes to mind. In these quiet moments God settles my soul, refreshes and renews my spirit and guides me to what's coming up.
It's easy to wake up startled, run around to get yourself ready for the day and then head out the door completely unsettled. What if you found a way to reboot yourself and prepare for whatever is in store for that day? What if some quiet time in the early hours brought you the joy of knowing His unfailing love? Wouldn't you try to make room for that?
Don't let everything around you keep you away from spending time with the One who has put everything there. He will show you the way you should go and lift up your spirit too!


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