The Bright Side


Let's be honest, most of us look at things from a pretty dark place initially. We may eventually resolve to being more positive but personally, I often expected the worst and hoped for the best. We say to ourselves,"that way we won't be as disappointed." 
As I grow older, I realize many truths more clearly. Life isn't always fair. No one owes me anything. Good people can do bad things. The list can go on and on. I have also realized that looking for the best outcome from the start expends less energy(emotionally, mentally and physically) for me than fretting about the bad that could happen. Yes, I am one of those "silver lining" people. I try to find the silver lining in every situation that appears difficult. I expect the best of people. (though some have proved me wrong). Here is the bottom line:
No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side!


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