Your Story


Consider every day that you live as a story that you are writing. Presently you have pages and pages of moments: some good and some bad. There have been some chapters that contain miraculous things like the birth of a child, the setting and rising of the son and the healing of a disease. Others have included things you often want to "write-out" of the story like divorce, the loss of a loved one or a personal injury. 
Every single word that you place in the book of your life that you are writing is significant. Every moment captured to catalog the events and share your story is so meaningful. And just because you have had a few bad chapters does not mean your story is over. Keep writing. There are many things ahead that must be shared with the people that will be part of your story. The bottom line is this: it's YOUR story. YOU should live it. YOU must live it. And WE will all benefit from it. I can't wait to read the next few chapters you create!


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