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New Years Eve

  It's New Years Eve and time to leave one year and crossover into the next! You've done the best that you could do this year. It may have been tough at times and there may even have been moments when you thought you'd never make it out of it. But here you are! You did it! Let's all thank the Lord for helping us through another year. For the people and places that were part of 2021. Every laugh and every tear. For the strength that was there when we needed it the most.  2022, we are coming for you! We are ready to see miraculous things and chase those dreams that may have been abandoned in years past. This time it's different. I'm different. And Lord, with you, nothing will be impossible!  Be safe out there and have a Happy New Year!

Holiday Hangover

  Is it possible to drink in too much joy and happiness? Are the sounds of laughter and the noise of celebration sending you over the edge? Sometimes we get so caught up in the consumerism and celebration that immediately afterwards we have one of the lowest lows of the season. I realize this may not resonate with everyone but some folks out there may just get too much at one time and the body, mind and spirit start to shut down. So how do you beat the Holiday hangover? Take a few moments for YOU and settle down with what else, a fresh cup of joe and relax! That's right, it's YOU time. Don't think about whether they liked the presents or the food. Forget about the parties that left or anything that is coming. Just chill. You will rise up out of this little break to join back in the holiday festivities and use that gift of hospitality you so amazingly show! When you stop to catch your breath you will reboot your body and refresh your spirit. Besides that, you've got to b

Change is Hard

  Change is always hard. Most of the time we settle with whatever changes around us because we feel like we have no control over any of it. Here's a secret...we can change it! Maybe not the circumstances but rather the way we perceive the circumstances. Just remember this: you can't change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on within you. As we draw closer to the end of another year, take some time to look within. Are there things you need to let go of? Do you have things in your life that you aren't that excited about? You have more power than you think. Determine to make some adjustments. Find more balance. Leave the items you no longer desire in this year and walk into the new one with a smile and a positive outlook that things will be different.

Merry Christmas!

  Merry Christmas from Cup of Joe!

The Greatest Gift

  Be grateful for the time you have to spend with family and friends. God places into our lives the people we need to live it to its fullest. And the greatest person He gave to us was his Son Jesus Christ. Thank God today for sending that perfect gift so that you could have eternal life.  #ChristmasEve #greatestgift

Cheerful Giver

  We have so much to be grateful for and when we realize that every good and perfect gift comes from God, we want to cheerfully give to others. Sending an encouraging text, buying the coffee of someone in line behind you or dropping off a tin of holiday popcorn are all simple ways to show others that we love them. We have been given so much.  You decide what you are going to do with what God has given you. Be a cheerful giver over a careful one. God loves a cheerful giver!

All the Good

  🎄Tis the season to do all the good that you can do🎄

Some Assembly Required

All of us would probably say that we need an answer to how to put life back together after an unexpected package of surprises.  First of all,  you  can’t really put it back together, it will take God. You will only frustrate yourself like all the kings horses and all the kings men. Remember Humpty Dumpty? Here are a few suggestions I have to offer that may help. 1-  read the instructions …why do we always want a shortcut? If you are like me, I often look at the picture on the box of what I am assembling and simply try to imitate that. When pieces are left over and it looks slightly different than that picture, that’s when I go to the English translation of those vacuum sealed directions at the bottom of the box. There are so many translations and none of them help except the one I understand. The Bible is life's blueprint. Find one you can read! Then read it…don’t look for a crib note version to get by…forget about the seminars and how you can be rich in 30 days by buying homes for

Holiday Feud

  🎄Just in case you need a simple game for the holidays🎄


  No matter what you've been through and how hard it's been, remember that God will always restore those that put their trust in Him. In fact, He will put you back together right in front of the people that broke you. ❤️

Lessons from a Christmas Tree


Prepare for Christmas

Most of our time these days is thinking about which gifts we are going to buy and the people that we are going to give them to. Let me encourage you today to shift your thinking a bit and do a few things before you take on that shopping mall experience.  Devote yourselves to prayer. Be watchful; keep your mind alert to all that is happening around you. And be thankful. As you walk into what can be chaos at times, this simple reminder can help you keep the joy in this holiday season. Pray about everything. Focus on others and what you can do to help them. And be thankful for all the goodness that is in your life. You may have had challenges but you have endured them. You have been blessed in so many ways. That is how you prepare for Christmas!  

Consider It

  We all need to be a more considerate of others. Why? Because every single one of us makes mistakes. You don’t know what trials people are going through. Use your words to lift them up. You may need someone to lift you up in the future.    #ConsiderIt