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Keyword 2022


My keyword for 2022 seemed to be very personal to me. In fact, I was hesitant to share it because of how personal it was. The word is FULFILLMENT. I felt like the Lord was saying that he was going to bring some things into my life that I have wanted for a long, long time. I have had secret thoughts in my heart and things I have desired that went unspoken. I'm certain you have too.
The definition of fulfillment is:
*the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted.
    *satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one's own abilities or character
So I received this as a word from the Lord that he was going to finish every good thing that he started in me. That ignited something in my heart that I simply cannot explain. This will be a year of promise. Not just old things finished. There would be new things. New relationships/partnerships will be born. New territories will be traveled and with that, some incredible moments of joy and happiness will overwhelm me. Complete satisfaction. Think about that! The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me. See what I mean about it seeming personal? 
But as I shared this with my co-workers this week, it was obvious just how much it resonated with every one of them. We are ready for a fresh outpouring of God's power and strength. We are ready to see good things happen in our families and with our friends. And we are so ready to walk into the things that have alluded us for so long. This is the year for all of us!
You and I are going to step into some amazing things because we have been positioned by the past and postured in the present. And we are prepared for the future. Proverbs 13:19 says that a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul. Ready for some sweetness?
So what is it going to take to see this? That's the unbelievable part! All we have to do is show up! That's right, just walk into each day FULLY believing that the absolute best is coming your way. Your attitude and your words are the highway to the best ride of your life! There will be comraderie (also spelled comradery) like you have never experienced. God is going to PERFECT what concerns you!
Now that word makes me want to shout! Get ready my friends because that joy and happiness is coming for you. Uncharted waters are going to be presented and when you sail through them you will see miracles and blessing like you've never seen before. Are you ready?

May your cup be filled to overflowing all year!!
Love you!


Robyn Moore said…
SO powerful! Printing this out so I can come back and read throughout the year!