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Your Personal GPS


At the beginning of a new year we all tend to make some promises. Some folks call them New Years resolutions. They are promises to ourselves to change. Promises to the Lord to be more “spiritual” and to try and be more like Him. Promises to our friends and our family to eat healthier and take care of ourselves. It’s the best time to turn over a new leaf because we are starting with a clean slate. We attempt to have new thoughts and support them with new actions. What we are saying is that we "resolve" to be different.

This year I want to encourage you to develop your own personal GPS. I have one of these in my car that helps me find locations that I do not know. It speaks to me and guides me to the destinations that I am going towards. We need to activate our personal GPS. It’s easy to remember and hopefully it will help you stay on track so that you can follow through on your resolutions and fulfill your promises. What is this GPS formula? Goals, plans, systems.

G: Goals 

Set some reasonable goals that you can accomplish if you put your mind and heart into it. Start small and set bigger goals as you mature in this process. 

P: Plans

Once goals are set, develop a plan that can be followed to help guide you where you are going. The plan is the outline or strategy for how you are going to achieve the goal.

S: Systems

The system contains the action steps that allow you to follow the plan and bring the goals to fulfillment. Your system is the actual energy you use to carry out the plan and reach the goal.

A man once said “a sailor without a destination cannot hope for a favorable wind.” We need to write down our goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail. How can you get to the goals that you have set? You need your own GPS!

This is YOUR year. Set your GPS and go for it!