Are You Afraid to be Alone?

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16 NIV)
Life can get busy and we can easily become overwhelmed. Unfortunately in my life I let this happen all too often. For some reason I seem to think that I can fix anything and that I must always be available. Are any of you guilty of that too? 
I realize that life does not revolve around me and that I certainly can't do everything. As I get older I just want to be more like Christ and learn the lessons He showed us through His Word. There was always a demand on His time. There were always people that needed Him. And He had the ability to help every one of them! But He didn't. There were times that Jesus withdrew to lonely places while people needed Him. Times when even He needed to refresh and recharge. 
What keeps us from wanting to withdraw at all? Maybe we have a fear of being alone. Perhaps that fear causes us to attach to people that we shouldn't and become participants in things that wear us out because we simply do not want to be by ourselves. 
Today I say, fear not! Jesus told us we would never be alone. He is always there to help, to heal and to bring hope to our situation. In His lonely places He was never really alone for it was there that He talked to His Father and focused on what really mattered again. In fact, the strength you need right now for that life you are living may not fully come until you discover your lonely place.
As you get ready for the weekend, ask yourself if it might be time for you to get alone, talk to your heavenly Father and rediscover what what really matters to Him once again. I can assure you that what matters to Him, will indeed matter to YOU! 

Until the Next Door Opens...

For the last few weeks I felt as though there was a subtle shifting taking place in which the Lord was beginning to open some doors and make a way for many people that have thought there could never be one. When things and people start to feel unsettled, it usually means God was up to something. Why now? What is so special about now? Why should I expect my breakthrough to happen at this time?
The Bible tells us that Jesus is consistent...He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is all about timing. Everything happens in His time. But what's so special right now is that we have begun to see the secret of synchronizing His timing and ours. The secret is what happens in the hallway!
When one door closes and you have left that season but a new season and door has not yet opened, you find yourself in that hallway...the uncomfortable space between where you were and where you are going. What happens here is crucial in synchronizing the timing of God. Praise IS the secret. When you praise Him in the hallway you begin to set all of the clocks to His time time and it won't be long until the new door presents itself and you are off and running into your breakthrough season.
So I can assume that most of you have already uncovered the secret and that is why you feel that shifting too? Keep an eye on that dial...its almost time! Praise Him!